Jaguar 5.3 V12 Injectors serviced to perfection to exhibition concourse condition assemble on the rail ready to install from Mr Injector UK Jaguar V12 injectors exhibition Concourse service - Mr Injector uk


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This is our top of the range concourse finish service to your Jaguar V12 injectors

Considerable time goes into producing these Exhibition Quality Fuel Rails complete with perfectly matched and performing injectors


You will need to send or deliver your injector rail to us complete with no parts missing

include the feed and return pipes as we will be able to replace these

Warning regarding previously used high pressure fuel hose for restoring hose on rail injectors

Bio 100 standard hose is a must for replacement for these old injectors

it is because of the levels of Ethernol & Sulphur used in fuel in the UK and Europe today

previously when these injectors were manufactured it was not a problem

The old reinforcing webbing was made from Polyester

Now Bio 100 Standard is made from Arammid

to continue using ethernol in old polyester fuel hose could be dangerous




07860350390 in UK

+447860350390 from outside UK






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