Hello! Welcome to Mr Injector uk!

This address will soon change do not send any injectors to our service facility

Mr injector UK

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IP17 3RJ


Do NOT send any injectors to us for service

We are closing due to relocation. we shall be building a new service facility and forsee the period of closure of 6-8 weeks.

check this home page to get details of when we are ready to reopen





                         Mr Injector UK carries the largest range


                                    of pre packed petrol fuel


                          injector service overhaul kits ready to


                              go posted anywhere in the World


      Mr Injector UK


  •    Dedicated 30 years experience in the automotive industry
  •    24 years specialising in petrol injector diagnostics
  •    One of the oldest established  Asnu testing & service facilities                       
  •    Re-conditioned serviced injectors available
  •    New injector sales
  •    Petrol injector service kits available
  •    Seals, pintel caps, filters in stock                                                
  •    Your injectors flow tested and serviced to perfection
  •    ASNU Road Race & track high performance Injectors    
  •    Race Engine Fuel injector balance and calibration testing